Not many people know this, but most ducks have a motto they like to live by. A word, maybe a phrase, wisdom one duck family passes down to the next.  And each duck chooses a phrase that becomes their motto.  Something that they call on to guide them.  Or, to make them laugh.  Which is often the case because ducks are silly creatures. They like to laugh.  One motto that is popular among ducks is this one…. “never trust a tail wind.”  Fourth grade ducks find this motto very funny.  Another common duck motto is… “a quack a day keeps the water away.”  I suppose you have to be a duck to understand that, and to live by that too.

But our Biddy, our Biddy Duck is a silly duck.  Well, she’s happy.  And I guess being happy makes her feel silly.  This is her motto…

“Happiness isn’t the cure for all life’s troubles, but it sure is infectious.  And that’s Biddy… Happy.

Now, biddy lived in a pond.  Well, a pond attached to a big lake. A lake that, if you use your imagination, you might recognize.  Cattails, reeds, trees, shoreline, sun… it’s a kind of a lake where an animal like our Biddy can find a lot of variety.  And… she has friends.  A BIG variety of friends.  Biddy has duck friends, fish friends, spider friends, wolf friends, deer friends, friends that are bears, friends that are cats, friends that are coyotes…  But she doesn’t have any human friends.  That is, not until, this one particular day….

Biddy was resting in a clutch of cattails on a favorite shore line of hers.  And, it was favorite place of hers where she would go to meet a good friend of hers.  A little rainbow trout.  His name was Glub. Now, there was no easy way to call on G  lub.  Biddy’s voice didn’t cary to well under water, so she would sit by the cattails and wait.  Which wasn’t too difficult to do.  It was a sunny part of the lake where the shallow shoreline would warm up easily on a sunny day like today.  It was a place where you could snack on some cattail leaves or some reeds if you found yourself to be a hungry duck.

As she was doing just that, she felt a little tickle-nibble at her tiny orange feet.  She knew who it was.  It was a nibble.  It was Glub.  She dipped her beaky head under the water line.  She looked left and looked right.  She said, “Do I feel a little fish nibbling at my feet?”  No one answered, and so she stuck her head back above water and played the game.  She started chewing on more cattail leaves and there it was again…..  diggle diggle diggle.

She ducked under water again…. “Is that a little nibble I feel on my feet?”  She puzzled, “Glub, where are you?! Glub?! Come out Glub!”  And there he was! Darting out from behind a round rock.


“Hi Glub! What’s going on today?!”

Glub was a rainbow trout. Now, let me tell you, if you’re a rainbow trout, odds are you’re happy.  Glub had a whole host of friends too. Biddy didn’t know many of them because she wasn’t able to go under water to get to know many of them.

“Biddy, what’s it like up there today?”

“Oh, it’s sunny out today.  It’s got this whole part of the lake all warmed up. Feels good. Feels good!”

Glub new it too.  He was keen to know the different temperatures of the water.  Being a fish he could handle any temperature.  But the warm stuff, he liked that best.  Biddy went on to tell him how the wind was blowing through the trees.  Telling him how, in the summer time, that’s a very different sound.  Kind of a “wisshhhhhhhhhh” sound.  When biddy would stay close to winter time, she would notice that the leaves were falling, and that the wind made a different “wuuusshhhhhh” sound.  Those fluffy needly trees talked differently.

Glub was always fascinated with the upside world.  And Biddy said, “Well, take a look at that over there Glub.  That there is a trail that leads from the water on up the hill.  Now, I’ve only been on that trail a couple of times, but I know that’s the trail the deer like to use.  They come down the big hill, and you can’t see the rest of the trail when it goes past the tree line…. but, they come down that hill and they sip at the water right there at the shore.  It’s a nice place to be.  We’re not the only animals that like being on this part of the lake.”

And as Biddy continued talking about the trail, the hill and Fierra the deer… as she was describing that all to Glub a sudden “SHOOFFFFFFFF!” caught her ear.  And then a loud “SHIFFFFFFFFF!”  My goodness!  It was bear running through the woods.  Running and being chased by a…. a human?!

“Glub!  Glub, did you see that?!”

“See what Biddy?”

“Glub, did you see that?! It was a bear! A bear was running and it was being chased by a human!”

“No! I didn’t.  I didn’t see… Biddy! Biddy, what’s going on?!”

“I’ll be right back!” Biddy launched into the air… SIPT-SIPT-Sipt-sipt-sipt-sip-sip-si-si-si-s-s-sss!  She tried to catch up. Following the trees, following the shore line to see what was going on.  And there below her, were the bear and the human running as fast as they could.  Darting and jarting through the tall and stately trees.  Was something wrong? Was there trouble?  That bear was certainly in a panic and it seemed she may need to call on help fast!  Or, were they both running away? Was there danger in the hill?  Would the entire animal population need to run too?  Need to swim, need to fly, need to find safety?  Biddy needed to think fast!  She cruised lower get to the bottom of this and, as she skimmed the tree tops it became clear to her that the two were running straight for the drop off.  That part of the shoreline that, well wasn’t shore at all… it was a cliff.  She was convince that bear was in trouble.  That man was chasing that bear toward that cliff!

But then, the man caught up and passed the bear… and he too was laughing, and now laughing louder than the bear. The scene quickly changed and Biddy realized any one who was laughing was certainly not in trouble.  Or, were they?  That was it… they didn’t know the trail ended.  They couldn’t know of the sudden drop off and would fall to the lake many feet below.  Biddy was going to need to act fast.

When the pair were fifty feet from the cliff… biddy began to nose dive.  Forty feet… she tucked her wings. Thirty feet… she wasn’t going to make it… Twenty feet… They weren’t slowing down!  Ten…. Five…. zero…..

The bear and the man launched unstopped into the air above the water.

“YEAH-HOOOOOOOOO!”  They cheered!



Biddy the Duck

This is the story of Biddy the Duck.  Biddy has many friends and has found one thing to be true…. happiness isn’t always the cure for life’s troubles, but it sure is infectious.